Machine Gun!

At the start of 2015 we (users and admins from the board) decided to create a new tradition at the French discussion board Warmania. For some silly reasons we went with the name CCCP but it is basically an hobby challenge between 2 users of the board. There is nothing to win except a small "tooth" logo to add on your profile.

So I was challenged (for the third time) by a small rabbit going by the name of Alias. Being the one challenged I had to choose the "theme" of our battle: I choose "Machine Gun" (didn't have better idea at that time).
My opponent finished 2 weeks ago and he produce a very nice piece of a Gunnery:

Brother Morikunu, named in honor of the Temple's Guardian
First I thought I didn't had any project fitting the theme until I remember that at least half of my Gasland crew were driving vehicles equipped with machine gun: perfect!

So this is my proposition for this CCCP challenge:

My 2 Gaslands teams facing on a dirt road...

Altogether,  11 Machin-Guns fielded... 

Who will prevail?

The interlocking boards and walls were also made during this challenge. People sometimes struggle to figure the scale of the things so here is a scale:

Classic mini for scale...

Vote will start on X-mas then we will see if my fellows appreciate the quick-work I did on these teams...